In this post, we explore two exceptional types of photo paper offered by Canon, each designed to meet specific printing needs. Below, I detail their specifications and key differences to help you make an informed choice.

Canon LU-101 Pro Luster Photo Paper 260 g/m² A2 (25 Sheets):

  • Material: This semi-gloss paper features a luster finish that reflects less light than fully glossy papers, making it ideal for displaying photos under various lighting conditions without significant glare.
  • Weight: At 260 g/m², this paper is slightly lighter than the PT-101, yet remains robust and durable.
  • Size: The A2 size is perfect for large-scale prints that require high detail.
  • Quantity: Each pack contains 25 sheets, providing five more sheets than the PT-101 option.

Canon PT-101 Pro Platinum Photo Paper 300 g/m² A2 (20 Sheets):

  • Material: Made from glossy platinum-grade paper, this type offers the highest level of brightness and shine among Canon’s paper options, making it perfect for high-contrast color photos.
  • Weight: At 300 g/m², it’s thicker and heavier than the LU-101, adding a premium feel to each print.
  • Size: Also available in A2, this paper is suitable for substantial prints that capture every detail.
  • Quantity: Comes with 20 sheets per pack.


  • For High Contrast and Vibrant Colors: The Canon PT-101 Pro Platinum paper is your go-to choice. Its superior glossiness enhances the vibrancy of colors, making them pop.
  • For a Soft Gloss Finish with Reduced Glare: The Canon LU-101 Pro Luster paper is perfect. Its semi-gloss texture brings out details beautifully while minimizing reflections.

Both types of paper are of excellent quality, and your choice between them should depend on the specific requirements of your print project and personal preferences. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, understanding these differences will help you achieve the best results for your photographs.